Rat (f) looking for company!

2017-05-21 16:05 #0 av: bombussubterranus

Hej all,

our female rat is looking for company. Her sister died two days ago :( and we are looking for another older rat to keep her company. If you have an old rat that is also lonely just mail me! :)

Best wishes to you all!


2017-05-22 09:59 #1 av: tötenöten

Where do you live? :)

2017-05-22 10:03 #2 av: bombussubterranus

@tötennöten: I send you a private message. ;)

2017-05-22 10:36 #3 av: zickan

I have one older girl in västerås who seeks home. Rose is a black eyed marten born February 2016.

Also, could check rathelp/råtthjälpen 

Värd på RåttorExotiskadjur

2017-05-22 11:59 #4 av: bombussubterranus

Hi "zickan",

then your rat is about the same age as mine! :) I could come to Västerås and pick her up. I sent you an email.

Best wishes,



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